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4 The Deluxe Model Chicken Tractor This plan from Oklahomas Kerr Center for Sustainable Agriculture is designed to withstand wind and dogs and provide for every need a chicken might have As such its bigger dont expect to move this by hand they use a small tractor and more expensive to build they estimate they spent about 290 A chicken tractor could be used as a moveable coop for the purposes of saving space giving your chickens a change of View chickentractorplanss profile on A chicken tractor is a good way to keep a small flock of chickens For actual tractor plans please see our chicken coop plan reviews If you were drawn in by that clever name youre not the only one This is the second mobile coop on the list and one of the bestlooking coops on The humble chicken is a worthwhile pet a voracious eater of insects and a sumptuous provider of meals when raised properly A safe and simple way to keep your birds Justins Video Trailer view the full video here PLUS Im giving away my plans for my ChickShaw and Chicken Tractor on the video page Lets talk housing Easy to follow step by step chicken coop blueprints including tractors chicken runs hen houses and more Sizes range from small to extremely large This stylish chicken coop and run will be a feature in your Chicken coop plans Project index This sort of design is sometimes called a chicken tractor wooden chicken tractor a small PVC tractor and a larger canopy and frame tractor The wooden chicken tractor is the cheapest to build It is made of wood 2x2s but it is the heaviest of the three 4x8 Wooden Chicken Tractor The PVC tractor is about the same size as the wooden tractor it is lighter and easier to assemble 3 Choose from Over 100 Easy DIY Chicken Coop Plans at httpwwwChickenKitcom Introduction Hi and welcome to this FREE SAMPLE of the worlds most comprehensive

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