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DO NOT USE Buyers Initials Page 4 of 12 Sellers Initials DO NOT USE Buyers Initials Page 1 of 13 Sellers Initials FloridaRealtorsFloridaBar 5 Rev417 2017 Florida DO NOT USE Buyers Initials Page 4 Contract for Residential Sale and Purchase Members Only 2015 residential contract for sale and purchase redline Updated Contracts as a result of CFPB Regulations Update Oct 3 2015 The Florida RealtorsFlorida Bar Residential Contract its AS IS companion three of 3 8 Vacant Land Clauses specific to the sale of vacant property are contained in Florida Realtors Vacant Land Contract Organization of Contract This contract was Revised 102014 2 Florida Realtors Forms Descriptions Florida Realtors Residential Contract and Addenda Contract for Residential Sale and Purchase CRSP13 Q A buyer and seller entered into an AS IS Residential Contract for Sale and Purchase Florida RealtorsFloridaBarASIS4 The buyer decided to cancel the contract ORLANDO Fla March 16 2011 Four new forms and four upgraded forms can now be accessed through Florida Realtors vendors including Form Simplicity Florida Lawyers Support Services Inc is a nonprofit corporation formed in 1981 to assist Florida Lawyers practicing in real property probate and trust law

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Residential Contract For Sale And Purchase

DO NOT USE Buyer’s Initials _____ _____ Page 1 of 13 Seller’s Initials _____ _____ FloridaRealtors/FloridaBar- 5 Rev.4/17 © 2017 Florida ...

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We get a lot of questions about the standard residential purchase contract versus as-is agreement. Let’s go over the differences and how each should be used.